Vintage Star Quilt

I recently became the reluctant owner of this pretty pink eight-point star quilt that no one else wanted.  Although it's not a family heirloom, I still appreciate it.  I think it was machine-stitched, possibly with original flour sack fabrics.  The cotton quilt contains six stars in a row, by eight rows.  It's just large enough for a full-sized bed, small by today's standards.  It was apparently stitched sometime in the last mid-century.   
 I don't see a consistent pattern in the way the colors are laid out.  Instead, there are a few bright colors, some contrasting opposites, then some pastels.

It's interesting how the florals are at home next to the abstract bubbles and cubes.

It's a cheery little quilt, and it shows some wear that indicates it was loved and used by its last owner.

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