Finally, Something Free!

It has finally come to pass that the world's most skeptical coupon clipper has gotten something free at the grocery store!  Not overly processed food-like items filled with preservatives that I wouldn't want to feed my kids even if they were free.  Not strange products that I would never otherwise try.  Not just a free promotion because some new store just opened in town.  But a bona fide coupon success.

I was thrilled to come home with two cartons of organic milk, the exact kind I normally send to school in a lunchbox, for zero dollars each!  The store promotion was for a dollar per carton, the highest I normally pay.  Then, the coupons were for a dollar each.  I expressed my amazement with the cashiers that they accepted the coupon, after my previous tuna couponing failure.  That was months ago when I had tried to use a dollar-off coupon with a 97-cent item, and the cashier wouldn't let me use it at all.  One of the more experienced cashiers I met today said she would have allowed 97 cents off the tuna so that I could have had it for free, just no cash back.

I'm still skeptical whether couponing is worth lots of time, next  to old-fashioned comparison shopping, growing your own vegetables, etc.   Especially since I'm particular about what my family eats and prefer mostly organics and other whole foods.  However, I must give credit to the Coupon Katie website for helping me out with this modest two-dollar victory in the effort to be thrifty at the grocery store.  Katie led me to the right link that produced two valid coupons.  Thanks, Katie!

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