Scrappy Sprouts: Sewing Nook Details

I'm happy to have my new sewing corner somewhat in order.  My colorful stack of cotton fabrics is inspiring me to stitch some kid-sized aprons or something else easy, instead of the chili-pepper-colored formal dresses I've promised to complete for months. 

I'm tempted to procrastinate even more while I spend time sorting my collection of vintage wooden thread spools.  From grandmothers on both sides of our family, several little spools shine with silken thread in various colors of the rainbow.  The lowest price I see on the label is 10-cents.  For those of you who don't sew, a spool of thread runs around 2-to-3-dollars these days, for thread made in Mexico instead of the US.
I found simple ideas for an apron in an old 4-H sewing manual.  It's one of several my mother had kept.  Her name was Ruth Ann, and she volunteered for several years with the local 4-H club.  I took 4-H classes with a talented seamstress named Mary Ruth.  I'm thankful she didn't force us to make the poncho from the beginner's book.  I think we started with a pillow, instead.

That reminds me of the other project I've been meaning to get to for the past year.  I have some of that new foam alternative and heavy fabric for making kitchen chair cushions.  Should I first tackle the box of items I've been meaning to repair?  For now, I'll just admire my spools of thread and neat stacks of fabric

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