Friday with Kray: Seeding the Lawn

Grass seeding is our latest effort to save topsoil and manage the slope in our backyard. 

Kray and the girls have been out a couple of times spreading annual ryegrass seed. 

It's not fancy, and it's only a temporary solution.  Rye is what builders put on the lawn of a new home for better curb appeal and short-lived results.

We've already lost too much topsoil on the slope.  And our extremely wet early spring weather has threatened to wash out even more.  We'll need to monitor the soil nutrients more closely, following a season with lots of lawn fungus.  This should work until we can overseed or sod with more permanent grasses. 

Plus, the erosion challenge is motivating my husband to get started on a landscaping project/mountain path along that slope.  I'm envisioning all sorts of extra plantings, including some native ferns forced to winter in pots after the patio project displaced them.

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