As American as Corn Syrup

I should have known not to pat myself on the back too quickly even though I'm cooking more for the family at home.  I tried a shortcut by bringing home a fun summer food from the grocery store, and I thought it was okay because I'd read the label. 
I didn't buy just any hotdogs.  I paid extra for uncured turkey franks with "no nitrates or nitrites, no artificial flavors, colors or by-products."  Aren't I a conscientious mother?  I was already heating up a hotdog for my toddler at lunchtime when I read the fine print.  Ingredients in the hotdogs include "cultured corn sugar" and "corn syrup solids."  It felt like another marketing "gotcha!" 

The more I hear what the experts are saying about healthy food choices, the more I want to make everything at home from scratch.  Trouble is, that's not reality for many busy families.  So, I am reminded again to read the labels, every little thing, not just the catchy feel-good phrases on the front of the packaging. 

Lunch turned out a little better when we added a fresh spinach salad that we'd just harvested from our organic garden.  Now that's real food.

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