Friday with Kray: Backyard Projects

My husband noted that I haven't shown you his progress on the hillside path.  It's no longer mud, which is good news to me, since I'm still scrubbing orange clay off the girls' play shoes.  I mistakenly thought he was going to pave the entire thing with cottage-style flat stones.  He informed me that the stones were not for that purpose, but that he would mulch the path.  The decorative landscaping (nonexistent so far) has a long way to go.  But we have good intentions.

Kray was especially proud that he found a green reuse for an old piece of plastic drainage tile.  He's used it to both delineate the playground area and help divert water from the hillside behind it.  He drilled holes in the pipe to help the water flow down and out. 

He secured the tile with stakes, then drove them far enough down and capped them to prevent any rough edges from sticking out.  The tile stood the test of this week's torrential rains, because the playground mulch stayed intact.  

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