Royal Fairytale

Since my mother gave me not one, but two names inspired by European royalty, I couldn't help wondering what she'd think about this week's wedding festivities.  She probably would have found more time than I did to watch Prince William and Kate on television.  She'd also be amazed to see how accessible information is these days via places like the couple's official wedding website.

I think Mom would appreciate the traditional wedding dress of Irish lace and vintage tiara chosen by Kate.  I recall that the year William's mother, Diana, had her fairytale wedding, my mom sewed me a formal dress inspired by her wedding gown.  Remember those puffy sleeves?

Yes, Mom would adore every immaculate, ladylike detail surrounding the wedding of a young woman who would become a princess.  She would appreciate more than I the idealized position that is entirely unattainable for most of us.  She knew that sometimes we all need to imagine ourselves in a fairytale.