The Buzz about Art and Environmentalism

Could the wonder of a child bringing home a funny poster change the world?  The artists at the Beehive hope so.

If you're a parent like me, chances are you feel so overwhelmed about what's happening in the world that you simply avoid many hard subjects.  The environmental devastation that we've seen in recent decades can seem difficult to even comprehend.  The volunteers at the Beehive have been using artistic talent to put important stories like mountaintop removal into focus...but as co-founder Kehben Grier explains, "to do it in a more healthy way.  If you see a cartoon of it and you can see yourself in the picture, it's easier for people to figure out how to engage with the story."  Grier describes herself as a self-taught, visual thinker and activist.

Here's the link to the, where you can learn more about the Beehive's most recent projects, including the True Cost of Coal.  Most of the volunteers and artists work anonymously, symbolizing that the work is so much bigger than any one "Bee," as they call themselves.  The group's efforts involve giving away lots of free artwork, in the form of printed posters or free downloads.  They also accept donations from those who can afford to support the effort.

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