First-Year Favorites: Eating Better

Like many parents, I spend holidays trying to offer my children plenty of celebration with as little sugar as possible. That's one of the common struggles that I wrote about last fall in Sugar Substitutes.

Our family is trying to make even sweet treats more wholesome at our house, like when we mixed up the Carrot Cake Challenge.

Reading every detail of store labels seems necessary, if we can't entirely avoid processed foods.  Thus, Food Label Fatigue.

A fitness expert has been helpful in pointing us in the right direction, as we try to avoid processed foods and live Life out of the Fast Food Lane.

The food revolution has certainly not reached every child's lunchroom, as I learned when Grading School Lunch.

A renewed interest in our food supply means that thankfully Young Farmers Grow Hope for Better Food.

Helping others to grow their own food is quite inspiring at the Good Earth Project.