First-Year Favorites: Farmers & Gardeners

What a fantastic first year of meeting farm and gardening experts who've shared what's happening in their corners of the green economy!  Here are a few that stood out in 2010 and early 2011:

Free-range farm life:  The Downing family welcomed me onto their family farm in Oklahoma, where they showed off their young cattle and talked about free-range poultry.

Greener evergreens:  Why does it matter how your Christmas tree is grown?  A winter visit to Curtis Buchanan's family tree farm explained organic Christmas trees.

Organic volume:  The granddaughter of famous publisher J.I. Rodale talked with me about a look back at the vintage organic gardening encyclopedias that have been around for so long (and also out in a new edition).

Greenhouse visit:  An early spring visit to a family's organic greenhouse brought new discoveries and growing lessons.

Organics 101:  The academic world offers aspiring vegetable growers hope for trying more sustainable techniques.

Inspiring new company:  A new seed company is already growing deep roots in the local and larger community.

Tomorrow:  how my family and others are making efforts to eat better.