First-Year Favorites: Our Environment

Environmental awareness seems like such a vast subject to comprehend.  Little steps like understanding what's in the air we breathe can be a good start.  One of the earliest posts I wrote was about a simple Household Air Test.  After writing about radon levels in homes, I wondered about schools:  Most Schools Not Testing for Radon.

Conserving water seems like a noble aim for us all, so I learned a bit about some Green Watering Alternatives from university scientists.

As researchers learn more about human "innovations" over the years, they sometimes discover that we need to turn back time to relearn The Science of Growing Wild.

Does it really matter whether we show concern for the most vulnerable of earth's inhabitants?  Families can learn together while getting Up-Close with Eagles.

Whether we care about the environment or not, it's as close as the cosmetics we use in our daily lives, as I learned from Women's Voices Resounding through Science.

Some friends and I decided to try simple alternatives to questionable household products with a Green Cleaning Party.

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