Thanks for an Interesting First Year!

My youngest daughter was still breastfeeding and in diapers a year ago when my family decided to support me in starting the Flour Sack Mama site.  It was an outlet to start writing again on a deadline...first sporadically, then weekly, then daily. 

No, it was never destined to compete with the most popular Mommy Blogs out there.  I'm still not sure I'm comfortable with that label, although I certainly write about family issues.  I realize that I don't appeal to the trendiest, coolest, most narcissistic readership out there.  Some people cautioned me to not make the site too "green." Yet, green it is, because that's a central part of my family's efforts to live better.  I don't pretend to be an expert on anything; but the blog certainly expresses my enthusiasm for things like gardening, organics, sewing, thriftiness and simple living.

I especially love wearing the sort of journalist's hat that I did for years in television newsrooms, when I sought out experts and various interesting people to interview.  I love using pictures and words to tell a story.  The joy I feel this time around is that the subjects are closest to my heart.  I've had the privilege of meeting several people over the past year who have something positive to contribute to our society.

Over 200 posts later, one of the aspects I'm working to improve at Flour Sack Mama is the ability to share more of these stories with more of you.  So, I plan on spending the rest of this week sharing some of my favorites that you might have missed.

My toddler eventually weaned herself and uses the potty "all the time," as she proudly likes to say.  The site has grown up a bit, too.  Can't wait to share a new year of wonderful stories with you!  I'm already working on several.  Yes, a few things may start to look different.  For instance, although I've been able to survive a year without accepting any paid advertising, I must cautiously move into that aspect of blogging.  I'm only willing to do so if it's a good fit for the sort of conscious consumerism that I've written about. 

Thanks for visiting.  Thanks for sticking around to share your comments.  Thanks for telling your friends.

-- Anne

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