Buzz: Sweet Stories Ahead

I retreated to the kitchen and dipped the spoon into the bottom of the glass jar for a little inspiration. Just one or two little tastes of the Best Honey in the World, authentically raw and complete with honeycomb, would surely cure my writer's block. Then I remembered how fun it was for my entire family to do a taste test and try genuine sourwood honey for the first time.  So buttery and light, it makes what they call honey on the typical grocery store shelf taste about as good as dirt!

My oldest daughter said tasting the honey was her favorite part of our visit to Mtn Honey in north Georgia.  Master beekeepers Carl and Virginia Webb were incredibly gracious and stretched my interview time with them into a fun outing for our entire family.  Out of an abundance of caution, the girls were not allowed into the bee yard.  But they still got to visit the honey house where the pure stuff is spun out of the combs.  They also enjoyed roaming the acreage that's lush with every kind of flowering tree you could imagine.

Thanks to the Webbs for the scrumptious gift of two pounds of sourwood honey that they sent home with our family.  They even included individual honey bears for the girls.

All week, starting Monday, we'll be telling you about our visit to one of the most exclusive apiaries in the world.  I still can't believe how close they let me get to the hives!  You won't want to miss a single, sweet drop, so be sure to bookmark so you can return.

The Best Honey in the World

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