Friday with Kray: Concrete Paver Sidewalk

One weekend was about the time my husband needed to complete his latest outdoor project.  He created a useful sidewalk outside our house.  He used paver sand (which is actually bits of tiny crushed limestone rock) and rectangular faux stones made from concrete.
First he determined the size of the sidewalk, removed the sod layer and about six inches of dirt, and replaced it with the paver sand.  He tamped down the sand.  He used a series of narrow remnant pvc conduit to create a guide for leveling the pavers.
He created a pattern with the pavers and used his handheld electric saw to trim pavers to size for the edge pieces.  This is the one dangerous step in this project.  He should always wear a face covering when stirring up the nasty concrete dust.  The rest of us stay away from the area completely for a while during and after this cutting.  He dug down deeper to level the thicker, square pavers used for the border.
After getting all of the pavers in place, he used plastic edging, securing it with landscaping stakes and spikes. The edges are to be covered with a bit more of the sand and then whatever landscaping materials are being used such as dirt, sod, etc.
He swept more sand over the pavers until it filled all of the tiny crevices between them.

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