Why Green Dads Rock!

Green dads take recycling to a whole new level.

When the kids and I insisted on buying an untreated wooden playset that was out of our budget, we found a used one to purchase from another family instead.  My husband dismantled, moved and reassembled the entire thing in our backyard.  With a few new accessories, it's better than new and ready for several more years of play.

Green dads cut down on lawnmowing by creating alternative garden landscapes and hardscapes.

The green dad at our house has made expansive gardening beds for planting flowers or vegetables.  My husband has been rocking all of the beds that he can to keep them tidier.  His recent addition of a little faux-stone sidewalk area turned out especially nice.

Green dads know how to save money and energy.

My husband made a quick weekend project of erecting poles for our own clothesline. 

Green dads make time to play outdoors with their kids!

He could be hitting the links just like other guys from the office.  Instead, he usually makes time to play outside with his kids.  Many Father's Days from now, it's the time that they'll remember and thank him for. 

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