Enjoying the Sunflowers

Playing chase in the yard filled with sunflowers topped my kids' list of recent outings where they didn't complain about Mommy doing an interview.  The East Tennessee farmers who let us stop and photograph the flowers were so gracious, they even invited us back for pumpkin harvest time.

It was an especially nice venue since we didn't have much luck with our sunflowers this year.  Perhaps because we planted mystery seeds from our pantry that may have actually been from flowers we grew two seasons ago.  I don't believe we stored them properly.  Or perhaps the crows I saw gathered on our hillside thought we'd set out a treat just for them.

I wish I had just picked up a seed packet from Sow True Seed earlier in the summer.  I'm looking at a package now from my local grocery store and wondering if it's worth planting them to see how much they could grow between now and an October frost.  Or should I just move on to other things that you're supposed to plant for fall? 

I appreciate all of the planting guides and seed saving information that the Sow True Seed site offers for amateur gardeners like me.  I'll try a little more of my own seed saving this year.  But in case I don't get that quite right either, it's good to know there are enough conscientious gardeners to save heirloom and organic seeds that I can buy.

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