Friday with Kray: Frugal Bike Rack

Scooting, triking and biking are great summertime fun for families.  But where can we put all of that sports equipment?  My husband got four items off the garage floor by creating his own frugal bike rack for around $25.

He used two 2 x 4 pieces of lumber, cutting them six feet in length and turning them lengthwise in a "t" pattern for maximum strength.  He drilled two holes and secured the lumber together with two eyebolts. He then attached a length of heavy duty tailgate chain from the eyebolts to a set of bike hooks attached to the ceiling joists.  Four bike hooks screwed into the 2 x 4 beam to hold the bikes.

My husband bragged to me that when he searched for a ready made rack, the starting price was around $60.  Now, if he could just install some shelving for the helmets and other gear...

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