Summer Fresh Eating

The best part of summertime meals is eating whatever is fresh for the picking.  We were blessed with another cutting of leaf lettuce from our little garden for a meal this week.

I also bought corn on the cob to boil and serve.  I picked up some from a local grocery store that was promoted as farm fresh, then I found my own direct from a farmer sitting across from his field one day. The local farm corn was called ambrosia, with its yellow and white alternating kernels. When I shucked the corn, its kernels were the shiniest, despite some imperfections on the cob.  The store corn appeared dull and was tougher, yet more uniform in appearance.

I appreciated that the corn I bought along the road had very tender, juicy kernels.  The corn from the store was tougher.  But once it was cooked, spread with real butter and a sprinkle of salt, everyone in the family liked both varieties.  The reviews were mixed, and I preferred the ambrosia myself.  Yet the grocery store corn still tasted far better than anything from a can.

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