Drinking Water Basics for Schools

When you open the tap, how much do you know about where that water comes from?  Does it really matter what goes back down the drain?  Clean water advocates say schoolchildren need to learn the facts about water and their role in protecting this valuable resource for everyone.

Food & Water Watch offers a free curriculum for teachers of middle school aged children.  It's called Take Back the Tap. The non-profit group says "The simple decision to stop at the water fountain rather than a vending machine can make a real difference for the earth (and budgets), but students can make a bigger impact by becoming experts and advocates for their right to clean, safe and low-cost tap water."

The curriculum dives in to the source of our drinking water, the water cycle, pollution and even the impact of all those plastic water bottles.  Creators want to counter a curriculum already in some public schools that's sponsored by a major bottled water company.  They've include math, science and language components.

Teachers and parents alike can check out the curriculum at the Food & Water Watch website.

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