Quilting with Our Own Hands

Working with our own hands has become greatly underrated, hasn't it?  In a world where a fast pace and fat paycheck mean something has to give, we usually don't sit down to make things.

Why not let someone else barely making a living wage toil away in a sweatshop to stitch the quilt for my bed?  Most of us have been lured into the low price discount store mindset.  Selection is so great, prices so low, who cares where it's made?

At 101, an Ozarks-born quilt designer can still create masterpieces that you won't find in any store.  And that you can't necessarily buy for any price.  Her hands still work steadily, her mind is imaginative, and her heart is definitely in it.  This week on FlourSackMama.com, meet Aunt Lena and other women keeping the art of hand-quilting alive.   

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