Wade on In

Life itself flows along a shallow stretch of cool creek on a hot summer day.  I love wading barefoot in the place where my mother first taught me to swim, now feeling each flat stone beneath my soles.  Whether we dunk in it, get sprinkled, or sit along the creek bank, many of us find a connection to water.

Drought reminds us that natural resources like water may not be as limitless as we once thought in the United States.  Even the US Environmental Protection Agency has long had in place a strategy for dealing with how climate change threatens water supplies.

This week we'll visit with folks connected to Midwestern farming about managing herds of hungry cattle running out of green pasture.  We'll see why a famous watering hole still draws people from far and wide.  Hear why schoolchildren may not be getting the full story about what's on tap.  And see how fishing hooks tourists in one Southern community.  Grab a cool glass of ice water and join us this week at FlourSackMama.com.

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