Detox Your Home Survey

Do you know all of the ingredients in your cleaning products?  Would you take the time to make your own if it meant knowing what's in them?  These are some of the questions in this week's survey you'll find on the right sidebar at  I'm curious how many visitors here actually care about the environment in their very own homes.

Several women out for a night on the town in the Knoxville area recently took part in the survey, and I'll include their results at week's end, when the online survey also wraps up.  In addition to the questions on the right, I'm asking this, "Which single personal care, household or cleaning product (common name, not brand name) could you not live without, even if you knew it might be harmful to your health?"  If you have time to answer this question, please leave a short answer in the "comments" section below this post.

This week we'll be breaking down the new Detox Your Home presentation from the environmental group Women's Voices for the Earth.  Why should we care, how do toxic chemicals get into our bodies, and what are simple steps we can take without feeling overwhelmed?

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