Environmentalism: Why Not Start at Home?

How many hours do you spend sleeping, relaxing, or working in your own home? Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, full-time career person, or somewhere in between, the answer is probably a pretty high number when you add it all up. Do you ever think of your home as your environment? It's a foreign concept to many of us who've heard of some far-off environmental movement that has to do with exotic forests or rivers sometimes half a world away.  It's understandable that not everyone can relate to a movement to preserve the world around us or that we sometimes even feel threatened by these efforts.

One group has managed to put environmentalism in such simple, straightforward terms that I think even my own mother might have listened to what these folks have to say.  Sadly, like a half-million people each year in the United States, my mother lost her life to cancer.  As a non-smoker with a wholesome lifestyle, she died not understanding what had happened to her body.  I wonder how the same cancer-causing exposures that both she and my father must have had affected her differently as a woman?

Personal questions like mine also inspire some of the leaders at Women's Voices for the Earth.  Yet, the information this group shares is firmly grounded in science.  And no, I would assure my mother, using science to preserve God's creation and hopefully save lives is certainly no affront to the Christianity she taught me.

So this week, I'm digging into the Detox Your Home message that WVE is offering to share with everyone.  I'm listening to the information, seeing what I need to revisit in my own home, and sharing it all with you.  At the end of the week, we'll see how you've responded to the survey questions on the sidebar to the right of this story.  And if you'd like to comment below, we'll include your answers to, "Which single personal care, household or cleaning product (common name, not brand name) could you not live without, even if you knew it might be harmful to your health?"


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