Friday with Kray: Saving on Spark Plugs

Who isn't looking to save money these days?  My husband is willing to roll up his sleeves and get greasy to save on vehicle maintenance.  He proudly proclaimed that he saved us $100 because he changed the spark plugs himself on his Dodge Ram pickup truck.

He's changed plugs on cars before.  But the pickup truck was more difficult because it involved removing more parts to reach the plugs.  He carefully examined the truck, referring to the owner's manual as needed, to remove the parts.

Corroded Spark Plugs and New Plugs
The plugs were stuck, partly corroded (because he waited too long before changing them, consult your own owner's manual to find out when to change your plugs).  The key to getting the job done was a $30 tool called a breaker bar.  He needed that tool to get enough torque to properly remove the plugs.  After that, it was easy, he says.  The plugs cost about $20 for this particular model.  So, my husband spent $50 for what he thinks would have cost $150 when you include labor at a garage.  In addition to using the bar, he used the little gap gauge to check and adjust for the proper gap in the spark plugs.
Spark Plug Gap Gauge

Now the pickup truck, is ready for another 30,000 miles before it needs another set of plugs.

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