Kray Weekend: Closet Door Repair

Ours probably isn't the only household with busted folding closet doors.  Somewhere in the first few months of opening and closing, something broke on the bottom of two different doors.  My husband found a budget-conscious way to salvage them.

The problem, he says, is that the doors are made with mostly mdf, a sort of pressed, not-exactly-solid-wood product.  Truth is, most of us think we can't afford solid wood home products, and then the look-alikes don't last very well.  

My husband pulled out the broken bottom piece that was glued onto each door.  Then he replaced the broken mdf pieces with solid scrap pine.  He used wood glue plus inconspicuous, tiny nails to secure the replacement pieces.  The hardest part was drilling a hole in the wooden pieces and reinserting the bottom pins without splitting the wood.

Soon it was time to rehang the closet doors.

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