Do You Carry BPA?

Research shows nine out of ten of us carry it in our bodies at one time or another.  It's the hormone disrupting chemical called Bisphenol-A that's used in numerous consumer products.  I'd seen the statistic and thought I should ask a top scientists for some clarification.

Q - "I keep reading about 90% of the US population having BPA detected in urine.  Is this an accepted number in the scientific community and what does it tell us?"
-- Flour Sack Mama

A - "It is the accepted number.  It tells us that it is a ubiquitous chemical in our environment; not only is it found in food packaging, but also in some thermal receipt paper, eye glasses, CD cases, the list goes on and on..."
-- Researcher Susan Nagel, PhD, with the Endocrine Disruptors Group at the University of Missouri

More about this 90% figure @:

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