Free or Cheap Halloween Costume Sources

No room in the family budget to go costume shopping this Halloween season?  Help your kids use creativity for free or cheap sources of costume materials.

1. Shop rummage sales and thrift stores
When you use a creative eye to sort through clothing and other items that no one else wanted, you can get surprising results.   Old hats, scarves and costume jewelry might fit your vision of a pirate, princess or original character.  As a bonus, thrift store shopping often benefits local charities.

2. Shop Mom and Dad's closet
Vintage clothes from any era could be fodder for a costume.  Anything really hideous might be monstrously good for a costume party, especially if you add extreme hair.

Costume apron or overskirt sewn from
a woman's skirt and some surplus
blanket binding for the top edging
3. Shop your friends' closets
Frugal parents everwhere have been trying costume swaps for zero cost out of pocket.

4. Shop the recycle bin
Cardboard boxes, paper mache, clean trash bags and other creative materials can put older kids' creativity to the test.

*One place not to skimp -- cheap Halloween makeup, which can contain lead -- more tips like this at EWG

Super Girly Homemade Cape Costume

Glitzy Upcycled Princess Costume

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