October Priorities...and Cancer Prevention

Scary isn't it, to think how much superfluous stuff we accumulate? Even those of us, ahem, who profess to be uber-conscientious about this sort of thing!  In my defense, I only shopped our basement to retrieve previous years' fall decorations.  And many of them were secondhand thrift store or rummage sale bargains to begin with.  

Our efforts to be thriftier this Halloween include using existing decorations, making homemade costumes, and foregoing trying to host another huge party.  We'll join in some community-wide revelry instead, make simple crafts at home, and call it a season.  Besides, the whole Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas period is much more significant to our family personally, and we need to save up for that.

As we all face our fears and mock death -- or whatever it is that sociologists and folklorists say we do at Halloween -- this month of seeing pink ribbons everywhere reminds me of some unsettling truths.  Despite all of the survivors out there overcoming breast cancer and other cancers, there are still too many people dying from it, just too many people getting sick in the first place.  I suppose some statistician could justify why a half-million people dying each year from cancer is a reasonable number.  But it's still unacceptable to any of us who've lost a loved one or seen others suffering from this cruel disease.

Cancer and other health concerns deserve more than pink ribbons.  And they won't go away just because we buy a few cleverly marketed products.  This week on FlourSackMama.com, meet a woman on a mission to give families a real chance for a healthier future.

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