Other Parents Speak Out for Safer Chemicals

I've sometimes pulled lists of ingredients off the internet and carried them in my handbag to reference when shopping.  I've memorized the names of some.  I've overlooked others by accident.  I still can't pronounce many of them.  Challenged by budget constraints like most families are these days, my husband and I have resorted to buying what we consider the "safer" version of products like shampoo for our children, while we get the cheaper versions with the questionable ingredients for ourselves.

When I listen to the argument that says all of the burden for deciding if product ingredients are safe shouldn't have to fall on the consumer, it make sense.  Not that I can't try to educate myself and be an informed consumer.  But when industry isn't even required to disclose or prove the safety of all ingredients that go into children's and families' products, consumers are left with an unfair burden.

If my grandmothers knew what consumers know now, I think they would have been outraged.  Instead, they may have been among a generation that unwittingly began using convenient new products and unknowingly passing along the consequences to their grandchildren.

I've been curious to hear what other people, especially mothers, are saying about efforts to get common sense reform of toxic chemicals.  Below is a list of links to their articles:






Because I believe that beauty is more than skin deep, I would usually avoid promoting a celebrity website like this one.  However, actress Jessica Alba is setting herself apart by using her celebrity to educate about the need for efforts like the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition.  See her statement on the right sidebar about supporting reform for the sake of families everywhere.


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