Tips on Limiting BPA Exposure

Looking for ways to limit your exposure to Bisphenol-A, the hormone disrupting chemical that scientists have been scrutinizing for years?  Here are a few lifestyle tips to avoid at least some BPA in our everyday lives:

1. Breastfeed your baby
Not only do the medical profession and a chorus of mothers who've come before you recommend breast milk, but it avoids the issue of BPA in the lining of formula cans.

2. Look for the BPA-free label or use alternatives to plastics
Most makers of bottles and sippy cups have already converted to a BPA-free version of their products. Look for the specific label noting this.  Avoid secondhand versions of these items if you can't be sure of the labeling and if there is any corrosion to the plastic.  Some glass and stainless steel varieties of these baby items are becoming available.

3. Eat fresh and frozen vegetables, avoiding metal cans unless they are labeled BPA-free
Even the metal tops of glass jars may contain BPA linings, but the jars are still considered an alternative to metal cans.  Women's Voices for the Earth addresses this issue in a special report called No Silver Lining.

4. Avoid or limit handling cash register receipts  
The Environmental Working Group commissioned a study that showed cash register receipts often contain the chemical BPA.   If you must use paper receipts, store them in an envelope separate from other personal items.

Tomorrow:  scientific research explains how BPA tricks our bodies' hormonal systems!

Check out this resource that explains endocrine disruption in detail.

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