Stroller Brigades for Our Children's Future

Snacks, crafts and dress-up:  what more could you ask for?  If the sun had just peeked out from behind the clouds for a minute of the time we were gathered in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, perhaps the toddlers/preschoolers would have been a bit cheerier. The cool morning weather kept some families with smaller babies at home.
Yet, kids and grownups gathered around, we traced handprints onto our poster and let the kids add their own colorful touches to the "Senator Alexander, Please me my safe chemicals hero!" flyers.  Everyone got a bright cape to wear for our stroller brigade. Some of the girls brought their own baby dolls in miniature strollers.
We met Mr. Keith at the senator's office, who promised to pass on all of our thoughtful letters, notes and artwork encouraging passage of the Safe Chemicals Act. Runny noses, frequent potty breaks and typical childhood moodiness made for a challenging time.
Yet, our children are still the best communicators of the reasons we all should care about safer chemicals in everyday household products.  Even politicians in suits have to melt a little inside when they see the smiles and handprints, don't they?

Learn more about the Safe Chemicals Act and how it affects you at this link.

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