Organic Christmas Trees Still in Demand

Glen Ayre Tree Farm 2010
Atlanta and Nashville residents are among those with the choice of an organically grown Christmas tree this year. Little Rob's Christmas Trees in Atlanta is the exclusive lot selling organic evergreens from Glen Ayre Tree Farm in Western North Carolina.  Since Glen Ayre's family business has just a few trees remaining to sell, it's only supplying to Georgia aside from the few it provides to locals near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

All Natural Lawns in Nashville searched all the way to Evans, West Virginia to find the supply of Christmas trees it needed.  Owner Tanya says the trees are just a small part of what her business offers year-around.  "We do everything organic, as well."
Glen Ayre Tree Farm 2010

A family farm in the Carolinas is hearing from folks looking for another organically grown tree, after they offered them last year.  Trouble is, says Shelly Proffitt Eagan, "People wanted to come at all hours."  Tough to deal with when your're raising grass-fed beef on a family farm.  Last year, Proffitt Family Farms offered the trees as a service to folks who attended their open house on the day after Thanksgiving.  Proffitt Eagan says maybe they'll try offering the trees again for one day next year.

Joey Phillips Bales Christmas Tree
I met Joey Phillips last winter when his crew was baling trees for the Glen Ayre Farm.  Knowing that he grows his own stand of fir trees, I asked if he's using organic methods now.  "I'd like to, I just don't have time," Phillips responds, "It's a lot of time and a lot of paperwork."  He's referring to the USDA Organic seal that his neighbor obtained for his business.  Phillips says he has heard of two or three other growers trying organic methods, though.

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