Anyone else ever line up too many projects and realize the week before Christmas that you won't get them all done?  That's why I've been sewing more and writing less this week.

One inspiration is the jumble of colorful threads, buttons and other sewing notions that I've been given in the past few years.  Even in their disorder, the old spools of thread have been useful for small projects that involve multiple colors of fabric.

Today I spent an inordinate amount of time refilling bobbins, stopping, and starting again with an old spool that's been oddly wound with short bits of thread, by hands working decades before mine.  I'm not sure if it was a sewing machine mishap or just a seamstress who couldn't bear to waste even a short length of thread, but I've never seen so many loose ends!  She's left me quite a mess to straighten out, but I'm determined to put that thread to good use.  In fact, it's the perfect color for my latest Christmas project.

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