Here's to a Healthier 2012

A box of goodies arrived on my doorstep just in time...between the it's-nearly-Christmas-and-my-projects-aren't-done holiday rush...and the whew-it's-finally-time-to-get-organized start to the new year.  Stonyfield Organic sent thoughtful, age-appropriate activities for my kids, some serious reading for me, and coupons for free samples of their wonderful yogurts.  I especially like the Yo- Getter water bottle as a reminder for me to make fresh water and fitness a key part of my days.

In getting back to a routine that includes more wholesome food and fewer "treats" like the endless candy that keeps showing up around the holidays, organic yogurt seems perfect.  I tried the low fat version of the yogurt with organic blueberries on the bottom: in moderation, sweet goodness without the guilt.

I have to admit that I liked dipping fresh apple slices in the Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt with honey more than my preschooler did.  But she was thrilled about the YoKids Squeezers.  She couldn't decided if she like the strawberry or cherry more.  We haven't tried all of the flavors yet.  I like that there's no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients.  And of course, organic food has become much more important to me now that I'm a mom.  The yogurt Squeezers are going straight into the freezer now to save for totable lunches and snacks.

As a farm girl who remembers playing in a cardboard box playpen while my mom milked the cows, I appreciate that Stonyfield celebrates food's connection to family farms.  Flour Sack Mama hopes to bring you more stories in the coming year about real food, real farmers and the challenges for our busy families trying to lead healthier lives.

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