Around the House

How long is your list of things you'd like to improve around the house? We have some unimaginatively  neutral walls and bathrooms devoid of the pretty tile I picture there, because we're still saving up for those decorating projects and more.  In the last couple of years my husband has completed mostly outdoor projects because our wear on the landscape or weather's wear on the exterior demanded it.  The durable siding he customized to make pretty shingles was a maintenance project that luckily turned out to be attractive.  Other projects couldn't wait because they saved us money and energy.

Whether you're building a new home, doing major improvements or need low-cost ways to warm up your space, be sure to join us this week at  We're visiting young professionals who've turned their need for affordable, eco-friendly design into a successful business.  They have stylish and smart ideas for those of us without extravagant budgets.  They're focused on how design can also be healthy for our families.  Later this week, peek inside a space that makes LEED design welcoming to business travelers and families on vacation.  It teaches some powerful lessons in the process.

If you bookmark and visit everyday, and invite your friends along to this site, we'll be able to take you to even more places this year.  

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