Cracking Open this Week's Series

It was a relief to find a local source for eggs from grass-fed hens, after a year of hit-or-miss shopping for them at farmer's markets.  In lieu of local eggs, I spent just as much for a dozen shipped from farther away, with the USDA Organic label offering some assurances.

USDA Organic eggs on left,
Local, grass-feed eggs on right
The more richly colored yolks were evident when I cracked open some of both in the pan for my family's breakfast.  The photo shows only a slight color difference when the local and store-bought are side by side.  Of course, it's tempting to consider how the eggs would be if the hens were right in my backyard...

This week on, meet some moms who are living in the latest city to approve backyard chickens, and see what that means to their families.

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