KISS in the Kitchen

Want to know my secret to keeping snack times healthy at our house?  Keeping it simple.  I love having things like fresh organic apples around for my kids to snack on.

I relearned my own lesson the other day when I had the opportunity to host a cooking demonstration at a parenting expo.  I had so many fresh fruits and vegetables to talk about, so many of Stonyfield's great recipes to share using organic yogurt, I admittedly didn't allow myself enough time to finish all of the cooking I'd planned.

I have to laugh at myself when I notice that on the Sisters of the Skillet's website, they show all of the other cooks busily cooking, while I seem to be doing a lot more talking.  I did manage to get three out of four planned recipes completed that day.  And it was a wonderful experience of meeting families and sharing free Stonyfield yogurt coupons, as I mentioned earlier this week.

I'm hopeful that another time, our family schedule will work out better so that my two favorite kitchen helpers of all can be by my side.  I'd better get started on those cute little aprons... 

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