Gardening Baby Steps

When I went outdoors to assemble the mini-greenhouse last Saturday, I realized it was warm enough to set the seedlings out uncovered.  With a sunny day in the mid-70s and a very light breeze, conditions seemed perfect for letting the babies spend some time outdoors.

It was also a more convenient place to feed the babies their half-strength fish-emulsion fertilizer mixed with water.  Talk about smelly!

So the fledging tomato and pepper plants spent about three hours enjoying the outdoors, on a log bench, soaking up some sun.

Meanwhile, the raised beds finally came together, and we edged closer to being able to start some outdoor planting.  My husband is serious about anything he builds, so these cedar boxes were sturdily built with wood screws at key points.

Nearly time to add some soil and amendments and start planting...if there's no more frost. 

I know all of you resourceful folks out there who've built hoop houses or cold frames or mini-greenhouses are way ahead of us on the growing season.  We're starting slowly this year, with fencing around the garden essential to keeping out the family dog.  Easy cold frames sound like a great project for another season...

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