Restocking the Family Disaster Kit

Batteries, flashlights, water, I think we have these.  Bike helmets or metal kitchen pans -- hadn't really thought about those.  We've heard stories of mothers using both sorts of items as head protection for their kids during a tornado.  It's astounding to hear all of the survivor stories.  We're hearing that thankfully there was no loss of life in the recent Texas tornadoes.  Not the case last May when Southwest Missouri suffered so much heartache in one of the deadliest tornadoes in history.

Here's a starting point for all of us who might need to restock our emergency supply kits for storm season or any disaster.  The American Red Cross has a helpful checklist of basics.  I'm personally not too concerned about entertainment supplies, even though they're on the checklist.  Toys and books are the first things my kids grab when we say it's time to head to the basement during a storm.

It's those essentials on the list that we can all be vigilent about.  And hopefully weather radios and other alert systems can help keep us as informed as possible.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has details on weather preparedness at the NOAA site. 

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