Where Common Sense Still Grows

"Your cattle are all grass fed?  What else are they eating?"  I thought I understood the latest in sustainable agriculture's offering of exclusively grass-fed beef -- the antithesis of the obese, genetically modified corn-fed, feedlot cow.  But during my tour of the fields, I'd seen a feed trough.  The rancher patiently explained that feeding the ground, entire ear of (non-GMO) corn could be a good thing for his otherwise grass-fed cattle.  They get some protein and energy from the kernels, plus roughage or fiber from the ears.

Moderation is a way of life for the Kansan who was gracious enough to break from his busy schedule to let me visit the family farm.  He's at once old fashioned and innovative, producing the kind of food that's become trendy but that's really always been around if you knew how to grow it.  Like many family farmers, he's taught his children a way of life handed down from his ancestors, and also sent them off to college.  He appreciates research and technology, but still has common sense.

When you join us this week at FlourSackMama.com, you might hear some surprising news about what's happening in agriculture today.  Find out why many farmers feel their way of life and your ability to choose wholesome food could become a thing of the past.