Amateur Rain Barrel Project

Once my husband realized we'd likely be growing much more food in this year's garden, he started thinking seriously about this summer's water bills.  So, out came the surplus 55-gallon barrel from storage, and he began his rain barrel project.

My husband knows I'll write about how the barrel is conserving our precious clean water resource.  But he'd admit environmentalism is not his main motivation.  It's saving money.  I'm okay with that, because being frugal and green can often go together.

You probably know that making rain barrels has become trendy, and there are numerous do-it-yourself online videos about the project.  My husband says he found the most practical help from a site called Aquabarrel.  He also customized some details differently than what he'd seen done.  Sometime I'll ask him to detail step by step how he got our little rain barrel to work.