Bamboo Bean Poles, Freckled Lettuce and More

Bamboo Poles for Beans
Thanks to our neighbor sharing some downed bamboo and my husband's resourcefulness, we have some beautiful new bean poles for this year's garden.  This replaces last year's poles made from surplus plastic pipe.  Once the bamboo is stripped of the tiny branches and leaves, it's easy to work with.

Freckled lettuce is finally starting to come up in its raised bed.  We're learning vegetable and weed identification as well as the delicate art of thinning out plants so they have enough growing space.

It was encouraging to see squash sprouting this week.

The rain barrel seems to provide more than enough for morning watering around our little garden.

We're excited about growing all open-pollinated, heirloom varieties from Sow True Seed, which provided the seed for our family's garden.


Watering from Our Rain Barrel

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