Bunker Hill Quilt Show This Weekend

Apron for Quilt Show
I'm feeling a bit intimidated as my simple child's apron goes off to be included in the Bunker Hill Quilt Show for this weekend.  I've had fun making these full aprons for myself and my girls, and so far I make them different every time without a real pattern.  But there's always one section of stitching that I'm unhappy with.

I sew mostly on an old Kenmore 10 Stitch, the one I made most of my 4-H projects on as a kid.  While the real quilting and sewing experts are working on a ratio of 10 to 12 stitches (hand-stitched) per inch, I'm just aiming to make my my top-stitching even.

Thankfully there's no judging involved in little items like the apron.  Volunteers make smaller items like baby blankets, tote bags and more to auction off in support of the Bunker Hill Community Center along with their famous hand-quilted masterpieces.  Here's hoping cuteness trumps perfection and somebody else's little girl is happy with her ruffly, pink, cupcake apron.

If you're in the Southwest Missouri area and want to know more about the quilt show May 19 and 20, you can contact bunkerhillquiltclub@yahoo.com.