Farm Life Inspires Art

Tree of Life 1
Courtesy:  Cielo Sand Designs
An East Tennessee artist is expressing her regard for nature in works that complement her family's approach to farming.  Now that Cielo Sand Hodson and her husband, Leaf Myczack, stay busy with farm chores and classes in East Tennessee, she still makes time for reflection and art. 

Artist Cielo Sand Hodson with
Husband Leaf Myczack
The artist says her paintings, art cards, and prints are inspired by the natural spirited life on her family's East Tennessee organic teaching farm.

The blending of her drawings, paintings and digital photographs are meant to celebrate, in Sand's words,  "this living Earth, and pluck a chord of re-membering that as we do to our Earth we do to ourselves."

A rooster is the featured farm animal on a beautifully painted series now available on framable art cards.  The popular Tree of Life and other pieces compose the collection available online at Broadened Horizons Organic Farm.

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