Hens, Chicks, Dreams...

It was sooo tempting to ask if we could purchase an adorable chick when we visited an organic demonstration farm last week.  My daughter struck up a friendship with one of them, or rather it struck up a friendship with her, I'm not sure which.  Reality is that a little organic garden and rambunctious family dog is enough for us to manage right now.

The trendiness of petting zoos and the like makes for fun family outings, but some simply entertain while fewer teach life lessons.  The farm we visited teaches as much as visitors are willing to learn and goes way beyond the quaint side of rural life.  Having fun is part of it, but so is investing in a smarter, greener, healthier future for our children.

Please join us all week at FlourSackMama.com as we see what we can learn from a teaching farm.

PS...I saw a bumper sticker recently that said, "When chickens are outlawed only outlaws will have chickens!"