Lessons from our Mothers: Safer States

Growing up in a Missouri farming community, little did I realize I would lose my mom to cancer.  Thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement as I've shared a bit of my mother's story here at FlourSackMama.com this Mother's Day.

In Florida, Joey Beauregard used what her mother taught her to prompt the cleanup of a Superfund site, after her own cancer diagnosis. Beauregard's story and several more are featured this month in the Lessons from our Mothers series at the Safer States network.

Mary Brune shares lessons from her hard-working New Jersey mom who found the strength to raise three kids in tough times.

Other moms from Maine to Montana are also speaking out about health concerns, life lessons and the need to put common sense limits on toxic chemicals in our environment.

Safer States is a network of organizations trying to clean up the outdated measures that are supposed to protect consumers from toxins in everyday products.  For a glimpse of what's happening with just one chemical of concern, check out the group's helpful state-by-state rundown of Bisphenol-A (BPA).