Moms Converge on DC for Stroller Brigade

The plane ascended over a large swath of the Tennessee River, and later I arrived in our nation's capital as we descended over the Potomac.  When I called to check in with my husband and girls, I described how I'd already seen the Washington Monument and US Capitol dome come into view from the plane. On the ground, I took a quick photo not far from Union Station, outside one of the countless public spaces I'd love to bring them back to tour on another trip.

Tuesday is an exciting day of concerned mothers, health professionals, educators and others gathering to stand up for our children's future.  Hundreds of people are expected to join in the Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals.  I've already met moms who've arrived here from several states, from a patchwork of backgrounds, all concerned about this issue.  If you can't be here in person, please join us in signing the petition and calling your US Senator to ask for passage of the Safe Chemicals Act.  Your senator needs to know that you care and that you expect higher standards when it comes to the health of our children.