National Stroller Brigade

Moms are making a positive difference in their children's lives every day. They're getting more informed, sharing the latest science-based information, and calling for higher standards, for their children's sake.

Moms raised awareness with Stroller Brigades in cities around the United States last November, and now they're bringing the brigades to Washington, DC.  They're concerned that public policy hasn't kept pace with scientific research about the health effects of toxic chemicals in common household products.

You may already  be familiar with one of the hundreds of health, parenting or consumer groups that make up the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition. Maybe you're already one of the hundreds of thousands of people these nonpartisan groups represent.  Maybe you're one of the people whose family has been touched by cancer, learning disabilities or other illnesses on the rise in the past few decades.

Join the event here, or here, and learn how you can get involved from home today.  You can learn more about the Safe Chemicals Act and ask your Senator to take action for our children's sake.