Planting before The Full Supermoon

It's been a wonderfully busy, exhausting feeling to finally get all of our little garden in this spring!  We've just finished sowing seeds and setting out seedlings in the two days leading up to the full moon.

Until I read more about it, I considering planting by the signs of the moon something superstitious. As I now understand from numerous sources, including this Gardening by The Moon website, it's an age old agricultural method with practical roots.  Gardening by The Moon explains that just as the moon's gravitational pull moves ocean tides, it pulls moisture in the ground, slightly affecting water levels and plant growth.  According to the guideline for following moon phases, conditions should be okay for our plants, as long as we're finished before the full moon.  This particular weekend it's even called the Supermoon because of it's rare proximity to the earth. 

It's been fulfilling to see a bountiful bunch of tomato and pepper plants started from Sow True Seed now ready for the garden.  My husband thinks I've started far too many plants, and we've had to give them away to friends and neighbors.  I'm trying to limit myself to no more than two dozen tomato plants and one dozen pepper plants, all I can fit into the garden space.

The girls also helped me plant squash, bean, lettuce and cilantro seeds.  It's been fun to add to the herb collection and integrate those into the fenced garden, hoping for natural pest control.  Next week, an update on how we're dealing with garden pests.