Summer Family Fitness Planning

Summer break is less than a month away for most families with school-aged children.  Do you know what will keep your kids off the couch?

How about a balance of scheduled programs and free time?  That's what this fitness expert suggests.

Here's a list of suggestions to build fitness into those lazy summer days:

Traditional Sports Camps and Neighborhood Ball Games

Swimming Lessons and Family Swim Day

Cool Indoor Tumbling Gyms and Sunny Days at The Park

Track Teams and Casual Hiking

Science Camp and Backyard Bug Scavenger Hunts

Visiting Pick-Your-Own Berry Patches and Pulling Weeds from The Family Garden

Martial Arts Classes and Bike Riding

Organized Scouting and Neighborhood Trash Pickup

What's on your calendar for summer fitness?  It there enough free time for the kids to just use their imaginations and be kids?